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The Best Wardrobes For Your Bedroom!

Have you ever been frustrated with the lack of space in your bedroom, or wanted to switch up your wardrobe but have no idea how? 

Well here’s a solution for both – adding a new wardrobe! Wardrobes are typically one of the biggest and most impressive pieces of furniture in any bedroom, and even though they come at an added cost, their benefits are well worth it.

Not only do wardrobes provide extra storage space but also add character to the room. In this post, we’ll walk through everything you need to know when deciding on which wardrobe option is best for your own unique needs. 

Make sure to read this article to the fullest, and find out the best wardrobes that add elegance to your bedroom!

Tudor Wardrobes – The Heritage Wardrobe Company

When it comes to adding tradition and luxury to your room, there’s nothing that speaks of it more than Tudor Style Wardrobes and The Heritage Wardrobe Company has it all!

The best thing about Tudor wardrobes is that it doesn’t need anything else to complement their beauty, and works well as a standalone piece that adds a luxurious charm to your bedroom. These Tudor wardrobes are available in both fitted and classical dressing rooms with customisable configurations, which make it all the more personalised. Check out more about them here

Grain Wood Wardrobe By Wayfair

This is for the peeps who value timelessness and classical pieces more than the modern furniture era. Available in cherry, walnut and espresso, this 2 door wardrobe is a budget pick that doesn’t skip out on the materials like solid wood and is priced under £1000, which makes it an overall good choice for everyone looking to add elegance to their bedroom.

Though, one drawback is that a lot of people have complained that the wardrobe takes a lot more time to assemble than they initially anticipated, and while they did mention that it was worth it in the end, it’s still something to take into consideration.

Orren Ellis Jelinek Armoire 

With its modern design and impressive height of 82 inches, this armoire not only stores your belongings but also lets you check out your entire outfit in one go.

But that’s not all – the built-in mirrors also create the illusion of more space, making it perfect for those living in smaller, cramped quarters.

Talking about the weight, it might come off a bit strong with its 400-pound build, but on the bright side, that’s what makes its build strong and authentic, and adds to its durability and stability, ensuring that it won’t tip over easily.

While assembly may require some assistance, if you’re planning to keep it in one spot, this armoire is a fantastic addition to any home. Say hello to stylish storage and a mirror in one!

Bottom Line

Having the right wardrobe can help you add elegance to your bedroom, and that’s what interior decoration is all about. Your bedroom is your kingdom, and you should treat it as such. 

The above options provide you with a starting point in your journey of finding the perfect wardrobe, so make sure to read the above guide, fully, and explore the different options yourself!

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