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5 Decor Ideas For Your Campervan

Transforming your campervan into a cosy, stylish home on wheels is a brilliant way to make your travels even more memorable. Whether you’re hitting the road for a weekend or planning a longer adventure, a well-decorated campervan can make all the difference. For example, Hobby caravans have always been praised for their modern interior designs. There are a few nick-and-nacks you can do to any caravan to achieve that inviting look.

Here are five simple decor ideas to spruce up your campervan, making it a comfortable and inviting space.

Add Soft Furnishings

Adding soft furnishings is a top way to make your campervan feel warm and cosy. Cushions, throws, and rugs can bring in colour and show off your style. When choosing these, go for fabrics that are tough and easy to clean, as they’ll need to handle the ups and downs of travel. Mixing different patterns and textures can make the space feel snug and interesting. 

This simple change can turn your van into a comfy spot, perfect for relaxing after a day of adventures. It’s a straightforward step that makes a big difference in creating a homely vibe in your campervan.

Use Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is a must in a campervan, where space is tight. Think of a bench that turns into a bed, or a table that folds away. These pieces save space and make living in a small area easier. Look for furniture that is lightweight and easy to move or change. This makes your campervan more flexible and spacious. 

Also, choose items that do two jobs at once, like a storage box you can sit on. This way, you keep your van tidy and save space. Using multi-functional furniture helps you enjoy your travels more, without worrying about where everything will fit. It’s a smart way to make your campervan work better for you.

Hang Curtains or Blinds

Hanging curtains or blinds in your campervan is a smart move. They offer privacy and help control the light, making your space cosy at any time of day. Choose materials that suit your style. Light fabrics can make the van feel airy and open, while heavier ones offer a snug, private feel. 

You can even make your own for a perfect fit and a personal touch. It’s a simple way to add comfort and character to your campervan. Plus, it turns the van into a more inviting space, where you feel at home, no matter where you park.

Incorporate Plants

Adding plants to your campervan can make it feel fresh and lively.

  • Choose Low-Maintenance Plants: Go for plants like succulents or spider plants that don’t need much care. They can handle the changing conditions inside a van and still thrive. This makes your space green without too much work.
  • Use Faux Plants for Ease: If looking after plants sounds like a hassle, fake plants are a great alternative. They bring the same cheerful vibe without any need for watering or sunlight. This way, your van stays green and lively, even on the move.

Plants, real or fake, add a touch of nature to your campervan. They make the space more inviting and pleasant to live in. It’s an easy way to boost the mood inside your van, making it a happier place during your travels.

Create a Feature Wall

Choose one wall to be a focal point and make it stand out with wallpaper, a vibrant paint colour, or a collection of your favourite photos and artwork. This not only personalises your space but also adds depth and interest. Removable wallpaper or decals are great options if you’re looking for something less permanent.


Decorating your campervan is all about creating a space that reflects your personality and meets your needs on the road. With a bit of creativity and some thoughtful choices, you can turn your van into a cosy, stylish retreat that feels like home, wherever you may roam.

Remember, the key to campervan decor is simplicity and functionality. These ideas are just the start; feel free to adapt them to suit your taste and lifestyle. Safe travels and happy decorating!

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